Wheel of Life


Creating Balance and then maintaining it for a lifetime can be as challenging as dancing on top of a Ferris wheel.

Wheel of Life As the wheel turns, you’re forced to constantly stay in motion 100 feet in the air.  Even if you experience moments that feel as if you’re finally balanced and centered, a small breeze (think “unexpected life challenge”) can throw off your equilibrium, possibly making you stumble.

Even experienced Life Dancers need focus, flow and support to keep dancing.  Fortunately, these qualities can be learned and then practiced until you’re dancing through life without missing a beat — and able to bring yourself back into balance easily if the winds through you off-center…

How can you learn to balance atop your Life Wheel while it keeps on turning?

With direction and guidance — from the 4 Elements, the 3 Energy Rhythms and the 12 Life Slices which collectively strengthen your unique energy-mix from the inside.  Your life will naturally improve as your soul evolves even more deeply than ever before!

Barbara Schiffman’s designed this unique 3-month self-paced Wheel of Life coaching program to share fun and easy ways to remain centered on your Life Wheel despite the natural challenges and opportunities that arise to demand your attention and energy.

Based on her popular Life&Soul Balance Coaching Programs, the WHEEL OF LIFE ECOURSE presents Barbara’s unique 13-step process utilizing Astrology’s Natural Horoscope Wheel*** for ongoing Life&Soul support.

You’ll learn new “dance-moves” and explore fresh ways to create and maintain balance in your whole life in only 3 months one “life-slice” at a time.

Throughout this ecourse, you’ll discover how each slice of your personal Wheel resonates with a specific life area from your body or environment, to your relationships or creativity, to your dreams and life goals.  As you focus on each slice, one by one, positive energy naturally expands from the inside out.

You’ll receive 3 months of lessons, one per week, covering each area of life.  You’ll learn how each one vibrates and how to use it to boost (or unstick) life-energy.

The lessons include downloadable worksheets plus guided meditation audios to align each Life-Slice and integrate them as you get to know them all.  There’s also an ongoing ecourse Discussion Group at DailyOM.com which you can continue accessing for support, suggestions and celebrations even after you’ve received all the lessons!

Watch here and at DailyOM.com for pre-launch info and reminders about the Wheel of Life Ecourse

*** What’s Astrology’s Natural Horoscope Wheel?  CLICK HERE to learn more…