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Welcome to my 2017 Telesummit special bonus page!

I’ve created a free gift package just for you.

Image: Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos (2)Fill out the form below to request the link to my bonus gift package — I will also add your email address to my occasional newsletter (but you can opt out at any time):

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This 2017 Telesummit Gift Package includes 3 MP3s and 4 pdfs! 

You can download them all in one Zip file or download only the files you choose.

The MP3 files are exclusive episodes of my 2007-08 audio podcast “Living in Balance” in which I share some of my favorite Life&Soul Synergy tools:

1) Living in Balancewhat it is (and what it’s not!)

2) Lifetime Lists – for Making Memories & Living Your Legacy

3) Moon Phases & Seasons – to help you live in sync with Natural Energy Flow

Two of the PDFs in the bonus gifts are from my exclusive ecourse “Refresh Your Life” which is about making memories and living your legacy — NOW!  They supplement the Lifetime Lists MP3.

Also included is my ebook “Insights in Hindsight” with some of my articles about Life Balance, Stress Relief, and the Akashic Records (your Soul’s energy-archive).

And if you’d like some personalized Soul Support I’ve also included a special DISCOUNT COUPON to give you $50 off on a private one-hour Life&Soul Synergy coaching session with me — we can work together by phone or Skype!

If you have questions or you’d like to work with me: 

Email me at

or Phone me at 818-415-3479 (weekdays between 10a-5p Pacific time, please!).


Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht., ARCT

  • Life&Soul Synergy Coach
  • Akashic Records Certified Advanced Teacher & Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist & Soul Keys Hypnotherapist
  • Tarot Soul-Coaching Counselor & Teacher
  • 818-415-3479


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About Barbara:

After working for nearly four decades as a highly-regarded Hollywood script consultant, Barbara Schiffman transitioned from helping create fictional Hollywood stories for film and TV to supporting creatives and soul-seekers “live their legacies” in every part of their lives.  She considers everyone to be “a true-story in progress.” As a Life&Soul Synergy Coach and author/teacher, Barbara is now a popular speaker and a many times published author on the subject of Personal Evolution.

She credits her own life experiences for helping her live her own legacy — including a cross-country move in 1977, her 38 year marriage to Glenn Schiffman (award winning author of “The Way I Was Taught”), starting several businesses and raising a world-traveling daughter who’s now the mother of twins.  Her natural curiosity about how we are all evolving in this lifetime helps her create unique Life&Soul Synergy programs for people seeking to live resilient and joyful lives.

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