Refresh Your Life E-course – Bonus!


Welcome to the “Refresh Your Life” E-course!

To download E-course PDFS from this page:

> MAC users –Control-Click on each file to download via “Download linked file as…”

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First — download and read the “Welcome Letter – Read This First” pdf (file #1) which details the materials and how to use them.

Next you can watch the video which includes inspirational quotes and photos plus an audio introduction to the Refresh Your Life transformational process.

Listen to the 2 Guided Meditation MP3s as you read through the main E-course PDF (file #2).  There are also printed PDFs of both meditations if you prefer to read them to yourself rather than listen to the audios.


Video: 4-1/2 minutes

Direct link to Refresh Your Life video:

PDFs to save/print:

WELCOME LETTER – Read this First:


Main ECOURSE MATERIALS & Instructions:


3-BSchiffman-RYL-Your Lifetime List – Be sure to PRINT THIS to use with the meditations!

4-BSchiffman – RYL Inspirations.doc


Audio FILE (for download)  – Meditation #1:  BSchiffman-RYL-M1-Legacy


Audio FILE (for download) – Meditation #2:

11-BSchiffman Spotlight Article = Creating Memories – 11-5-14

If you have trouble listening or downloading, feel free to email me for assistance at

To listen online: