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GLENN SCHIFFMAN:  My husband Glenn’s book project ranked #2 out of 3000 entries in the Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 Competition!  Listen to his BlogTalkRadio interview w/Kandi Phillips about his book “How to Pray for Money (and Everything Else You Need…)” here: >>  Glenn Schiffman/Blogtalk Radio Interview

B&G_22314 - Glenn's bookHis recently-published rite-of-passage novel “The Way I Was Taught” explores Native American wisdom through the eyes of a 10-year-old Christian preacher’s son recovering from an emotional trauma in rural 1950s America.  This book (which was inspired by Glenn’s personal childhood experiences with Native elders) has been called  “profound, simply written, with poetic, graceful language that engages the reader on its trip to self-discovery.”   

Order The Way I Was Taught in print or Kindle ebook at at THE WAY I WAS TAUGHT (soon to be available at Amazon in an audio version as well!)

A storyteller and teacher of American Indian lore and cosmology, Glenn has vision-fasted and Sun Danced in South Dakota.  He serves as the Fire Keeper and “broom pusher” of a Stone People’s lodge with a traditional fireplace / sacred pipe altar.  He is now writing and speaking about The 7 Unspoken Spiritual Languages in Ceremony & Prayer.  He also teaches about Places of Emergence ~ among which he includes traditional Native American sweat lodges as well as the point on Earth where each individual’s Soul “touches down” before connecting with its new body during gestation as each life-journey begins (based on Iroquois and other indigenous teachings).

Arapaho elder Mark Soldier Wolf has also said: “Glenn understands our ways better than any other white man I’ve ever met.”  

For info on upcoming talks and book signings or to invite Glenn to speak at your event/ group, call him at 818-846-3043 or email him at


He is also the Creative Director of the Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation and has created video interviews of Elders answering the question: “What does it mean to be a Human Being.”

Find out about the Roots & Wings Foundation here and read Glenn’s Roots & Wings Foundation blog here.

The Foundation’s mission:  “ROOTS AND WINGS FOUNDATION intends to interview, record by audio and video, blog, archive and load onto platforms ‘readable’ to future generations answers to the question: What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being? There’s a new world coming! Listen carefully and you will hear her breathing. This is our legacy for that world.”

Glenn has also published a 10-CD set of his workshop The Four Basics (Fire/ Earth/ Water/ Spirit) as well as a DVD of ‘The Great Thanksgiving Prayer of the Iroquois Peoples’ which comes with a companion book about this ancient prayer.  (The DVD is available at


You can also Download here (at no charge) any or all 4 of Glenn’s Self, Soul & Consciousness Radio Shows where he talks about the Four Basics and The Great Thanksgiving Prayer with host Ray Nobriga (approx 45 minutes each):

  • 3/29/12 – Water, Blood of Mother Earth
  • 2/2/12 – Mother Earth: The Nature of Life
  • 12/29/11  – Sacred Fire, Mystery& Myth
  • 11/17/11 – The Great Thanksgiving Prayer


RISA (SCHIFFMAN) SIBBITT’S BICIVIDA BLOG:  My world-traveling daughter’s 6-month journey bicycling from Peru to Patagonia in 2012 and her 2-month bicycle trip on the back roads of Colombia in 2013 with her husband are immortalized in her Bicivida blog.  Her stories and photos are truly exhilarating!R&J bike - stone wall backs     >>