Seasons Around the Medicine Wheel


Glenn Schiffman created this Coloring Storybook to pass on some of the stories he’s told at quarterly Equinox and Solstice ceremonies for more than fifteen years to his twin grandsons.

His father was chaplain at the Cattaraugus Seneca Reservation Indian School in upstate NY, so Glenn has lived around and with American Indians since he was a boy. He appreciates the way he was taught by his Elders about how to be human: by example… via ceremonies… through stories.

Glenn is now honored to share these stories with you and your family. Enjoy them – color their illustrations with your children or grandchildren – and make them your own.

The illustrations and design were created by Deborah Louise Brown.

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Seasons Around the Medicine Wheel MandalaTelling stories has always been essential to being human. No other species tells stories. Each human life in fact becomes a story.

This illustrated storybook offers inspiring and instructional tales for current and future generations. The stories within have been compiled, rethought and retold by Glenn Schiffman, a specialist in Native American myths and spirituality.