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>> Barbara Schiffman was my very first coach. It’s her fault I’m on my current path. She also taught me the best lessons about life balance, and how a little goes a long way. Check her out!  ~ Morgana Rae, financial alchemy / manifestation expert, Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Financial Alchemy” ~ morganarae.com

>> Thank you again, Barbara, for your Akashic Reading for me. It has been resonating and  been beneficial in shifting some perspectives for me, both creatively as a writer and personally as a teacher and human. I am grateful for the re-opening of some fascinating doors of imagination, information, and inspiration. ~ Pamela Jaye Smith, author “Inner Drives:  How to Create and Write Characters Using the Eight Classic Centers of Motivation” ~ mythworks.net

>> Every time I attend one of your classes, as student or alumni, I receive more and more soul healing. Thank you for teaching such a wonderful, empowering and inspiring workshop. ~ Thom Heath, Certified Akashic Practitioner

>> Thank you for a very transformative weekend! I really enjoyed the class and got a lot more than I was even expecting out of it. ~ Andrea Crawford, Certified Akashic Practitioner

>> Your guidance, love, grace and support were amazing! I can’t wait to take more classes with you! ~ Sherri Waggoner, Certified Akashic Practitioner

>> I really love doing the Akashic Readings. I had a great experience yesterday on the day of love (Valentine’s Day). I felt I gave a good reading to someone I really didn’t know. It’s working and I’m grateful for all your help. You’re a great teacher.  ~  Monique Hitzman Certified Akashic Practitioner, theakashicteam.com

>> Went to Barbara’s class on Akashic Records last weekend and it was amazing.  She is an excellent teacher, very thorough and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal. Her home is also inviting and warm. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stretch and grow their spirituality. ~ Linda Gallicchio, CertifiedAkashic Practitioner & Master Life Coach

>> I’ve been trying to work with my Records every day and am getting great information.  It’s amazing to see myself and also the entire world and everyone’s place in it from a different, higher perspective. Everything ‘seems’ so chaotic in the world, on the outside anyway, so it’s comforting to have this direct connection to a higher dimension.   ~ Carla Clark, Certified Akashic Practitioner 

>> Thank you for the wonderful class and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in a compassionate way to make the world better.   ~ Clara Barrios, Certified Akashic Practitioner   

>> I feel like I’m on cloud nine!  What a treat to get a reading from you!  I am so excited about my future, honing in, remembering old skills and learning new ones ~ Michelle Sackson, Certified Akashic Practitioner 

>> Since my Akashic Reading, I’m feeling much lighter — even joy and laughter — and I have a sense that I’ve had a team of inner supporters with me al along so I don’t have to look for them outside myself! ~ Christine L  

>> Since my reading, I’ve managed to find some Akashic flow within myself…. the information I’ve received has been helpful, not to mention the wealth of information and wisdom I got with you~ Dean U

>> Barbara Schiffman is a gifted coach and therapist.  With compassion, deep insight and humor, she helps you soar both personally and professionally. ~ Nancy Mills, thespiritedwoman.com

>> I recommend working with Barbara to anyone who’s seriously interested in making a quantum professional leap ~ Lisa Abend, public speaking coach & SoulCollage Facilitator

>> After working with Barbara, I’m more in the flow of life and aware of cycles that come around again and again.  The concern that things won’t work out which surfaces in tough times also seems lighter and I bounce back more quickly. ~ Lynn N

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