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Check out the article on Toastmasters Chapters for Writers (Toastmasters Magazine, October 2011) which featured Toastmasters4Writers, co-founded in 2005 by Barbara Schiffman:  From Pen to Podium


Here’s some Discussion Board comments as “testimonials” from participants in my new Taking Your Leap of Faith DailyOM.com ecourse!

This ecourse launched on June 18, 2013 and is available ongoing ~ you can begin at any time and move through it at your own pace as you learn about the 6 Stages of Taking Leaps of Faith and how to build more courage to take yours.  Participants are already stretching their comfort zones, doing fun Adventurous Events (some examples mentioned below), and supporting themselves from the inside out and outside in!

2013/07/14:  “Have totally enjoyed my Leap of Faith Class. Went Paddle boarding for the first time, and got right up and stayed up for 1hour.. It was fantastic! My LOF song is ‘I Am Woman.’ Hope you are all enjoying this class as much as I am.”

2013/07/11: “This weeks lesson really struck a chord… I over work and my personal life suffers… My LOF has been to create a healthtier life and move forward into my 50’s being the best I can be… signing up for this course was the first step.. On my way into work every morning – walking across the parking lot – I am thanking the Universe for my blessings… I tend to be adventurous in terms of travel… BUT I am lousy at self-care. In the next month I want to start Kundalini yoga and do a restorative yoga session too.”

2013/06/21:   “I never post on discussion boards; so this in my mini-leap of faith practice this week… I received the email for your course at the prefect time in my life. I was recently  diagnosed with a chronic illness at 35 years old. Oddly, I view all of this as a blessing. It made me realize if I didn’t start living my dreams now, when am I going to? I know the only thing that has been holding me back is my fear about finances… I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you and thank you for creating a course that can help me access the resources I already have within myself.”