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THE AKASHIC MUSE: Collaborating With Your Soul & The Akashic Records for Writing & Other Creative Endeavors by Barbara Schiffman (YourLifeandSoul  2012)amuse-cvr3-red

Barbara Schiffman’s book “The Akashic Muse” is an amazing example of how the Akashic Records can be utilized for support and clarity with projects and artistic expression. She guides the reader to understand the value of playing with our “Muse” in order to more easily create. She brings to light a new way of approaching creativity – accessing your records and delighting in your “Muse”. “The Akashic Muse” brings a whole new perspective to the concept of “Inspiration.” ~~ Susan Scheinman

Your book is quite catchy and fun. Congrats on putting it together for others to read. I can relate to much of what you say and it’s always nice to receive confirmations about our personal journey… ~~ Linda Colucci

Watch Barbara reading from the opening of “The Akashic Muse” at the 11/1/14 Writer Festival (Irvine CA) below:


LIVING IN BALANCE FOR BOOMERS: Secrets to Making the Most of the Second Half of Life by Barbara Schiffman (Boomer Series Books 2010) (ebook & print edition)Living in Balance for Boomers

I just finished reading Barbara Schiffman’s enlightening book “Living in Balance for Boomers” while on a flight today… She gives you the tools to use for every situation we encounter in life and has you prepared to face what life presents along the way. This book reminds us to take care of ourselves and enjoy life… what she writes can help you at every age. ~~ Ramona Mucciolo

san fran john gray 016

Endorsed by best-selling John Gray (author, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”) — hear what he says about the importance of Living in Balance, for Boomers and all ages!

John Gray – Living in Balance – October 2014


This book is very practical and uplifting. I love the concept of taking one action and how it can positively affect other areas of your life. Barbara gives specific, doable actions, e.g. wearing certain colors or gems, having a massage, walking in nature or just being by a window. She has helpful ideas on how to balance each area of your life. This book is not just for boomers but can benefit everyone… ~~ bglaue

Balance is Power: …I loved this book because it has practical usable suggestions how to bring your life into balance so you can really operate from a center of grounded power. Why would you want to live any other way? A gem, a quick read and if you implement the ideas your life will amaze you… ~~ Murphy

A refreshing reminder of the importance of balance: Barbara offers us a refreshing reminder of what we intuitively know, yet too often lose awareness of… She doesn’t just throw out theories of how you should feel, she adds the all-important “Action” piece. Her book provides us with balancing formulas – i.e. negative thinking can be balanced by doing something creative to unstick physical energy. She gently challenges you to find your personal balance while providing practical guidance. Lovely!! ~~ Susan Scheinman

Clarifying and simple to create the balance in our lives that we need: This is a great book simplyifying the steps to create “The Balance” that everyone talks about. The suggestions and wordings are very clear and not this vague concept that I had encountered before. A must for everyone! ~~ newdr

Insightful and helpful: …I appreciate the use of the 4 elements, their symbolic connection to our different human dimensions and all the clever ways they are explored. Not just for Boomers! ~~ Laurie Lamson

2012: Creating Your Own Shift (anthology) (Shift Awareness Books 2011)Amazon bestseller

This book provides many fascinating point of views about the changes that are occurring in the world and offers practical advice on how to handle the shift. Even if you don’t agree with what you read it will cause you to stop and think about your own vision of 2012.  ~~ M. Reinking

This book has clarified everything that I know to be true in my heart about what is happening to me, those close to me, and the world in general. In fact, just by reading this book I feel that my vibrational frequency has risen dramatically… ~~ Muriel

As so many books and articles are written on 2012, I find it particularly helpful to have 37 viewpoints on the current shift in one book!I really enjoyed the variety of perspectives… ~~ Sophie Rose

This book is a most comprehensive handbook of the various aspects of The Global Shift that we are currently experiencing… The insights offered by the 37 contributors are wonderfully diverse yet cohesive and all come to a united and up-lifting conclusion: We truly are the Ones we’ve been seeking and we are entering into the Golden Age of Man… I truly loved this book and will recommend it to anyone with a serious interest in the future of mankind. ~~ Barbara R. Gilchrist

Refreshingly Grounded, Diverse and Balanced: After reading so many books concerning the climax event of 2012, I have found this book not only to be wonderfully written, diverse and heart-centered, but refreshingly grounded and balanced. This book features 37 authors who contribute an array of wisdom, guidance and spiritual understanding that encourages personal and collective empowerment… ~~ AshAnanda

Enlightening: This is a fascinating insight into the 2012 shift, with an amazing list of contributors who give a plethora of amazing viewpoints on this consiousness shift event of the century. I can thoroughly recommend this as a “must have” book. ~~ F Ward

SPIRIT IS TALKING TO YOU: True Stories of Signs, Wonders, Inspiration, Love and Connection (anthology) (CCB Publishing 2012)

Hope and Inspiration: I loved this… I found that each of these stories helped me to see this world in a new light and I will now be looking for Divine messages on my path as well. And I think it will make you look at your world a little differently too! Are you looking to follow your own true path? Then read this one and enjoy the journey! ~~ Health Advocate

Who knew?! What an eye-opening experience to read the stories Joan has written and collected from the people around her. These are real people’s real life experiences! I don’t believe a single person (of whatever beliefs) could read something from here and not be touched and made more aware of the interconnection, inner wisdom, and love present in all life. You will be doing all of us a favor by getting this for yourself and others… ~~ glati

HAPPINESS AWAITS YOU! (anthology) (Open Books Press 2010)

A diverse blend of people share their personal journeys to happiness, including well-known names such as Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., M.J. Ryan, Antonio Ballatore, Dee Wallace, Barry Goldstein, and Barbara Schiffman. ~~ John Sackett

Learn from many talented and earnest writers, and revel in their heartwarming stories & insights offered through their anecdotes. No part of life is ignored and real useable tidbits as well as hard-earned lessons are discussed… Many thanks to all who bared their souls to put together this gem. I will treasure it always. ~~ TammyW

Excellent book with good stories that beautifully illustrate the spiritual concepts the authors discuss. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to see how letting love into your life can really open your eyes and change your thoughts. ~~ ksgarrett

Although this may be the smallest coffee table book I’ve ever owned, it is by far the most used. I open it randomly several times a week, and it doesn’t seem to matter which story I get…’s always the ‘right’ one! ~~ Herb

…Looking for encouragement on your journey through life?… The 44 contributors to this book offer their experience and advice. Their stories are easy to read, and you’re sure to find one that meets your need whenever you open this book. Happiness really does await you! ~~ Ashley Law

…Each short story is uplifting and makes you think about the miracles and joy in your own life. I am sharing this with my 16 year old daughter so she can learn about how we can all ‘notice’ more about our own lives and should rejoice in all the positive, hidden miracles that happen to us all. ~~ Betsy

101 GREAT WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Vol. 1 (anthology) ( 2006)101GreatWays-cover

Open Doors to Progress That You Didn’t Know Were Closed: David Riklan has put together an all-star team of 101 top speakers, world-class coaches, great psychologists and cutting edge authorities who can help you break through barriers that you aren’t even aware are there… Articles that you shouldn’t miss include… Barbara Schiffman on Life Balance ~~ Donald Mitchell

Treasures at Your Fingertips: I received my copy of this book last week and immediately it was useful! … Give yourself or someone else the gift of 101 treasures. There’s sure to be something in there that will help you or a loved one to greatly improve your life! ~~ Marcia Breitenbach

Dramatically shortens learning curve of self-improvement: This book demystifies the process of living a happy, healthy, empowered life and dramatically shortens the learning curve of self improvement for all of us! ~~ Deanne Repich (Nat’l Institute Anxiety Director)

“101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life” offers an inspiring and efficient collection of inventive and tangible tools that anyone can implement immediately to improve their life and the lives of the people they love.” ~~ Jamee Tenzer

The all-in-one self-help book: It’s like buying an entire bookstore for the price of just one book. Each chapter is like a condensed self-help book, so you can empty an entire shelf at your local bookstore, or you can just pick this one up from Amazon… ~~ David Leonhardt

INSPIRATION TO REALIZATION: Real Women Reveal Proven Strategies for Personal, Business, Financial and Spiritual Fulfillment (anthology) (Love Your Life Books 2004)InspirationToRealization-cover

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this new book. It’s refreshing and empowering to learn about how each of these successful women “made it” and mostly by pulling up on their own bootstraps… ~~ Julie Ferman

NOW WRITE! SCREENWRITING: Screenwriting Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers (anthology) Now Write! Writing Guide Series (Tarcher 2011)NowWrite-Screenwriting-cover

“Now Write! Screenwriting” is an excellent collection of essays and writing exercises by a wide array of writing professionals compiled by Sherry Ellis and Laurie Lamson. This well-structured book offers very practical solutions to almost any writing crisis that could arise. All of the contributors are working writers who have been in the trenches themselves and therefore, understand the many challenges of writing and the creative process… What I most enjoy is that it’s a book that be picked up and randomly opened for pearls of wisdom and encouragement without having to be committed to a long read or one point of view… ~~ Divariffic

A Must for the Writer’s Library: If you’re a screenwriter, this book is one that should be in your library. It’s an amazing compilation of advice from working and successful writers as well as respected instructors… It’s a breeze read and if you take the advice to heart and mind, you will definitely improve as a writer. ~~ JK

A great mix of practical and creative: …The chapters are highly focused, and bite-sized for easy consumption, and the talent behind them is quite staggering – as well as their willingness to part with great techniques… ~~ Matthew Nagle

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