Leap of Faith / Exhilaration Effect Audios


9/17/13 ~ Boomers Rock! Radio interview about “Leaps of Faith for Boomers” with host Tom Matt (on the CoSozo Network):  BOOMERS ROCK! RADIO

8/24/13 ~ Pathways to Wisdom / Boomer & The Babe Radio Network (BlogTalk Radio):  interview with Barbara & Camille Leon about “Taking a Leap of Faith” with host Deborah Brown:  PATHWAYS TO WISDOM

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1/3/11 ~ Get Inspired Project: Boomers interview w/host Toni Reece:  1/3/11 Get Inspired Boomers ~~ (click here for Get Inspired Boomers interview 1-3-11 transcript of this interview about taking leaps of faith and leaving a life legacy)

2010 interview about THE EXHILARATION EFFECT / Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 Contest (with co-author Camille Leon) with host Kandi Phillips:  BARBARA SCHIFFMAN:  KANDI PHILLIPS BLOGTALK RADIO

2010 interview (with co-author Camille Leon) about Exhilaration Effect & Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 Contest with host The Spirited Woman’s Nancy Mills:  BARBARA SCHIFFMAN: NANCY MILLS/E2

2010 interview about The Exhilaration Effect / Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 Contest (with co-author Camille Leon) with host MGM (Maureen G. Mulvaney) of Women’s Millionaire Club:  MGM_002 

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