Living in Balance / Balance for Boomers Audios


5/13/16 – Victorious Woman with Annemarie Kelly – WCHE Radio (Westchester County PA + online) – Victorious Woman – Life&Soul Synergy

12/19/13 ~ Living Sublime Wellness / RejuveNation Station with Elizabeth Scala ~  Energize Your Life w/Barbara Schiffman

Popular Health Internet Radio with Living Sublime Wellness Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio


12/6/13 & 12/17/13 ~ 2nd Act Boomers Radio Network with Paula Guenon ~ Living in Balance for Boomers w/Barbara Schiffman

Online Entrepreneur Radio at Blog Talk Radio with 2nd Act Boomer on BlogTalkRadio


8/14/13 ~ The Coaching Show with Christopher McAuliffe:  The 4 Elements of Coaching/Spirit, Soul & More with Barbara Schiffman – Segment #1 // Segment #2

7/29/13 ~ Blissful Living with Rochelle Lawson (WebTalkRadio Network):  Living in Balance from the Inside Out with Barbara Schiffman

7/1/13 ~ Kinetics Radio interview with Kathryn Brinkley:  Living in Balance for Boomers with Barbara Schiffman

6/29/13 ~ Woman Talk Live Radio with Ann Quasman:  Secrets to Making the Most of the Second Half of Life with Barbara Schiffman

6/25/13 ~ Smart Women Talk Radio with Katana Abbott & Vicky Trabosh (Contact Talk Radio Network):  Barbara Schiffman on Living in Balance

6/8/13 ~ Radio Amerika Now with Barb Adams (Hour 2):  How to Enjoy Your Life and Soul with Barbara Schiffman 

6/6/13 ~ Boomers Rock! interview with Tom Matt (CoSoZo Radio Network):  6/6/13 Interview with Barbara Schiffman

5/25/13 ~ InterViews & InterActions with Linda Strasburg (K-Talk network, Salt Lake City UT):    5/25/13 Living in Balance with Barbara Schiffman

5/20/13 ~ InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky (NewSkyRadio/CBS_ – 2nd hour: 5/20/13  Living in Balance with Barbara Schiffman

5/15/13 ~ Limitless Living Radio with Judith Albright & Barb Adams:  5/15/13 Living in Balance for Boomers with Barbara Schiffman

5/9/13 ~ The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins:   5/9/13 Living in Balance for Boomers (and more) with Barbara Schiffman

5/4/13 ~ Enlightening Radio with Christine Andrews on CoSoZo Radio:  5/4/13 Spiritual Evolution of the Second Half of Life with Barbara Schiffman

1/3/11 ~ Get Inspired Project: Boomers interview w/host Toni Reece:  1/3/11 Get Inspired Boomers ~~ (click here for Get Inspired Boomers interview 1-3-11 transcript of this interview)

6/22/10 ~ Boomer & The Babe Radio (Arizona) interview about Living in Balance w/Deborah Brown:  Balance for Boomers

1/19/07 ~ How Mama Got Her Groove Back interview with Alana Pratt (Fresh Talk Radio):  Stay Centered, Positive & Energized with Barbara Schiffman

1/23/06 ~ Miracles with Moira interview w/host Moira Shepard (Healthy Talk Radio) on Parenting Our Aging Parents:  BarbaraSchiffman012306-healthytalk

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