Akashic Records Audios


2/21/16 – Beyond Time Radio (LA Talk Radio) with Lisa Phoenix: 2/21/16 – Barbara Schiffman & The Akashic Records


11/10/15 – Live with Medium Lisa Phoenix (OM Times Radio): 11/8/15 Barbara Schiffman – Life&Soul Balance


9/16/14 ~ Lessons in Joyful Living with Kimberly Rinaldi:  The Akashic Records, “The Egg” and Living From the Soul with author-teacher Barbara Schiffman

9/3/14 ~ Your Life and Purpose Revealed with Kat O’Keefe-Kanavos and Suzanne Strisower:  The Akashic Records & Dreaming with Barbara Schiffman

Barbara & Greg Friedman August 2014



8/31/14  ~ Inner Journey with Greg Friedman:  The Akashic Records, Creativity & Dreaming with Life&Soul Coach Barbara Schiffman *****  (2 hour show broadcast live on KX-FM 93.5 Radio ~ Laguna Beach CA) 



4/6/14 ~ Make Life Happen with Dr. Carol Francis:  Akashic Records & More with author Barbara Schiffman

Discover Self Help Internet Radio with Dr Carol Francis on BlogTalkRadio


2/24/14 ~ Lessons in Joyful Living with Kimberly Rinaldi (TogiNet Talk Radio scroll down to Monday Feb 24, 2014 or listen via iTunes archives) ~ Learn the Secrets to Your Life with Akashic Records Advanced Teacher Barbara Schiffman

1/15/14 – Angels in the Buff with Stephanie Lodge (Angelic Light Stream / Conscious Radio Collective) ~ Barbara Schiffman Shares Her Expertise on the Akashic Records

Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with Angelic Light Stream on BlogTalkRadio

 10/25/13 ~ Today on Air with Tony Sweet & Eddie Conner (UBNRadio.com) ~ Past Life Regression with experts Barbara Schiffman, Heather Friedman Rivera and Melissa Rose

107/13 ~ Kindred Spirits Radio with Chandra & John (UBNRadio.com) ~ The Akashic Records with Life&Soul Balance coach Barbara Schiffman

6/8/13 ~ Radio Amerika Now with Barb Adams (Hour 2):  How to Enjoy Your Life and Soul with Barbara Schiffman 

4/9/13 ~ InnerSpeak Soul Journeys Radio with Jeanne Adrienne:  4/9/13 Life and Soul Balance with Barbara Schiffman

3/30/12 ~ Bright Star Cafe interview with Maya White and Sue Hines on “What Are the Akashic Records”:  3/30/12 Bright Star Cafe with Barbara Schiffman

3/6/12 ~ Make Life Happen with Dr. Carol Francis (BlogTalk Radio) – Barbara’s the 3rd of 4 guests interviewed at Int’l Hypnosis Federation 2012 Retreat:  Akashic Records with Barbara Schiffman

9/30/11 ~ The Lois Wetzel Show – Interview with Lois Wetzel about the Akashic Records,Creativity & 2012:  BARBARA SCHIFFMAN: LOIS WETZEL BLOGTALK RADIO

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