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What people are saying about BARBARA’s new book:  The Akashic Muse

>> Barbara’s new book THE AKASHIC MUSE is an amazing example of how the Akashic Records can be utilized for support and clarity with projects and artistic expression. She guides the reader to understand the value of playing with our Inner Muse in order to more easily create. She brings to light a new way of approaching creativity by accessing your Records and delighting your Muse. ~ Susan Scheinman

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What people are saying about BARBARA’s Life&Soul Coaching, Akashic Records Readings & Trainings:

>> Thanks for all your help and for teaching these classes! I’ve been trying to work with my records every day and am getting great information. It’s amazing to see yourself and also see the entire world and everyone’s place in it from a different, higher perspective. Everything ‘seems’ so chaotic in the world, on the outside anyway, so it’s comforting to have this direct connection to a higher dimension. ~ Carla C, Certified Practitioner

>> Thank you for the wonderful class and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in a compassionate way to make the world better. ~ Clara B, Certified Practitioner

>> I feel like I’m on cloud nine! What a treat to get a reading from you! I am so excited about my future, honing in, remembering old skills and learning new ones. ~ Michelle S, Certified Practitioner

>> Since my Akashic Reading, I’m feeling much lighter. I sense that I have a team of inner so I don’t have to look for them outside myself! ~ Christine L

>> Since my reading, I’ve managed to find some Akashic flow within myself…. the information I’ve received has been helpful, not to mention the wealth of information and wisdom I got with you. ~ Dean U

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