Life Energy Tune-Up

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Do you feel as if your life’s a juggling act and you have too many balls in the air?

Life BalanceWould you like to learn how to stay centered and balanced no matter what’s happening?

What if you had the resilience to bounce back quickly from life’s challenges and big opportunities?

Would your life feel more energized, joyful and satisfying?

Then join Barbara for a Life Energy Tune-Up to recharge your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!

Tap into the Power of Nature’s Four Elements — Earth, Air, Water and Fire — to help you create and maintain balance from the inside out.

Find out how the 4 Elements resonate with your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul — and how you can use them as your personal Life Balance Map!

This ecourse was designed by Barbara to provide empowering and fun tools plus energizing support so you can easily recharge whenever you need a positive energy boost.

Based on Barbara’s popular Life&Soul Balance Coaching Programs, ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE WITH 4 ELEMENTS ecourse presents her unique 6-stage Life Energy Tune-Up process to help you strengthen your Inner Core and activate the 4 Elements easily in every part of your life.

For the price of a book, you’ll get the 7 lessons of the ecourse — one per week.  They’ll teach you fresh ways to recharge, rejuvenate and renew… to identify your personal nourishers and energy drains…  and to balance your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul using the powers of the Four Elements.


The lessons also include guided meditation audios to help you align with each Life Energy Element and integrate them together in your life.

There’s also an ongoing Discussion Group only for ecourse participants at which you can continue to access for support even after you’ve received all 7 lessons!

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