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HypnoSynergy = Inner + Outer Balance

Barbara now partners with intuitive life coach Kate Romero Stellar to provide Quantum Hypnotherapy Squared (QH²) ~~ together Kate and Barbara help you easily & effectively “reboot” & recharge at the Soul Level!  Call for info: 818-415-3479

Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery are empowering tools for changing your life by changing your thinking from the inside out.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where your body relaxes, your mental focus narrows and your suggestibility heightens to make your subconscious more easily accessible. With the help of a trained hypnotherapist, you can easily access and use this natural state to effectively replace old negative patterns with new positive associations. This actively releases unconscious blocks to your conscious desires and creates increased physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You’ll also more positive energy and motivation to fulfill your goals without inner resistance!

You are always in control during hypnosis. Because it’s a brain-wave state between sleep and full alertness, you will remain aware of your environment and hear all suggestions made to you. Rest assured that you will not do or say anything incompatible with your ethics and beliefs while in a hypnotic relaxed state.

Listen to this Guided Imagery process recorded by Barbara and see how good it feels to nourish yourself from the inside out:

Inner Nourishers MP3

Life Balance Coaching connects you more powerfully with every part of your life. With Barbara’s guidance and support, you can boost positive energy to achieve your goals, attract new opportunities, and enjoy life to the fullest. You will also become more resilient in handling life’s challenges as you discover new ways to recharge your own energy.

Using intuitive tools like Guided Imagery, Energy-Astrology and Archetypal Tarot plus Quantum Physics concepts and Breakthrough Coaching techniques, you can create and maintain Life Balance with more ease and joy.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy + Life Balance Coaching:

» Recharge & Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit
» Release Stress & Relax from the Inside Out
» Magnetize What You Desire With More Ease & Joy
» Empower Your Career
» Increase Your Creativity
» Attract & Enhance Relationships
» Strengthen Goals & Self-Confidence
» Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety
» Explore Past & Future Lives
» Process Life Passages & Grief with Compassionate Support
» Exercise Motivation & Healthy Weight Management
» Smoking Cessation
» Pain Control
» Pre & Post Surgery Support

“Barbara Schiffman is a gifted healer. With humor, compassion and deep insight she helps you soar both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Barbara.”
~ Nancy Mills, Founder,

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