Life & Soul Synergy Coaching

Barbara’s private coaching and Mastermind Groups (by phone) blend cutting-edge Life/Career Breakthrough coaching tools with Guided Imagery to help you create Life&Soul Synergy plus increase your personal positive energy from the inside out.

She incorporates Quantum Physics concepts, Energy-Astrology, Universal Archetypes (from Tarot and mythology), Personal Feng Shui, Therapeutic Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Soul Key Therapy, Energy Healing processes and Akashic Records guidance in her group programs and customized coaching sessions.Image: Christopher Howeth | Dreamstime Stock Photos

For more info on Barbara’s Life&Soul Synergy Coaching services, email or call her at 818-415-3479 to assess your needs and see which programs are the best fit for you.

New 8-week Mastermind Groups will be starting soon!  Each group meets by phone and is  limited to 7 participants.  This intimate yet cost-effective format provides tools, tips and personalized support for creating balance ~ and breakthroughs ~ in every part of life!

In addition, Barbara is a certified specialist in the Grief Recovery Process® (created by the Grief Recovery Institute of Sherman Oaks CA).  She utilizes Grief Recovery Process tools to help people complete relationships with others, themselves and a wide range of life changes or losses — including divorce, job or home loss, pet loss or death, and aging parents / loved ones with Alzheimer’s.  

These tools are  effective in shifting the profound sense of confusion from a loss of life purpose, goals or dreams.  Call for info if this healing work could be useful for you…

Reclaim your energy and empower your future ~ get personal support  to complete the past and move forward to a bright future from wherever you are!

“Funny how a light in the future makes the present brighter.” ~ Elyse Singleton (author, “This Side of the Sky”)

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