• Feel more balanced, centered & energized every day?
  • Move forward more joyfully & confidently now on your life’s unique path?
  • Be more deeply connected to everyone & everything?
  • Easily access your own Soul’s Wisdom for more guidance, direction & clarity?
  • Align with the energy of your Akashic Records (the archive of your Soul’s journey)?
  • Have more fun with your Inner Child?
  • Build the courage to take Your Leap of Faith?
  • Learn new ways to blend ancient wisdom + modern scientific principles to evolve your whole life?

As a Life&Soul Coach, author and speaker, Barbara Schiffman is devoted to helping people Enjoy their Lives & Evolve their Souls.

“You are a Lighthouse for the Life-Force… Let your light shine!”

Barbara’s Life&Soul Synergy coaching programs, books and resources provide a fresh approach to creating and maintaining resilience as well as balance. Her unique blend of inner and outer tools includes the Akashic Records (the vibrational dimension of our Souls’ collective journey through all lifetimes), Past Life Healing Tools, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Breakthrough Life/Career Coaching and MasterMind Groups, among other processes.

According to Barbara: “A sense of SYNERGY — connection and balance — between your Life and your Soul is vital for living a conscious and fulfilling life!  We express our Souls in everything we do and every relationship we have.  Living from your Soul’s point of view can help you bounce back to center when challenges or terrific opportunities arise ~ and also moves your life forward with more ease, peace and joy.”

“Thinking is the talking of the Soul with itself.” ~ ~ Plato

Check out Barbara’s RADIO SHOWS about The Akashic Records, Taking Your Leap of Faith &/or Living in Balance!

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HOT OFF THE PRESS from Barbara:

~~ A Coloring Journal for Exploring
Your Life & Expressing Your Soul!

In this engaging and inspiring coloring
journal, learn what the Akashic Records
are, how accessing them can give you
more peace and direction, and why
more of us than ever before are receiving our own "soul-level guidance" by
accessing the Akashic the Records!

Explore your own life patterns and future
possibilities via transformational
journaling prompts.

Enhance your creativity with coloring
pages and inspiring quotes about
the Records!

Balance right-left brain processes,
synchronize body-mind-heart&soul,
and have fun getting "en-lighten-ed"!

Available now on Amazon.com

Your Akashic Records Front Cover number 4

Learn to access the Akashic Records
for yourself &/or others (and also non-
humans inc. animals, crystals, plants
or buildings)
in only one weekend!

Practitioner Certification Trainings
~Beginning, Advanced & Healing Levels~
>> New 2-day formats = Sat+Sun

Upcoming Trainings in Burbank CA
* Beginning Practitioner Certification Wkend
** Sat+Sun 1/28-29/17- 10am-7pm

Upcoming Advanced Trainings
- Burbank CA

for alumni of Beginning Practitioner Weekend:
*** Advanced Practitioner Certification
** inc. Past Life, Energy Healing + Ancestral
Clearing Tools
~ watch for spring 2017 class info

Upcoming Personal Workshops in Burbank CA
for alumni of Akashic Practitioner Trainings:
* Discover Your Soul's Path Through
the Akashic Records Wkend
** Sat+Sun 2/25-26/17- 10am-7pm

For details, call 818-415-3479 or click
Akashic Records button on right >>>


Use coloring, journaling &
meditations to manifest more of your
Heart's Desires in your life


NEW for 2017 - New Year = New You!
Check out our new Recipes for Living
Coloring Journal
~ now on Amazon ~
Inspiration, advice and actions
to improve your whole life from
23 Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness experts!


Available at

** Energize Your Life w/
The 4 Elements:
Give yourself a Life Energy Tune-Up
~ body, mind, heart & soul ~ from the inside out
++ and ++
** Taking Your Leap of Faith:
Learn the Art & Science of Taking
Leaps of Faith to move forward in
your career, business, health,
relationships & much more!
Do what you haven't yet done ~
with ease, support and success!
<<< +++ >>>

- in-person, by phone or via Skype

Receive Soul-level guidance and deep
spiritual energy-shifts for current issues:
life purpose, career, finances, health,
relationships, ongoing patterns

For info or to schedule, phone
Barbara at (818-415-3479)

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private coaching with Barbara
- by phone or Skype

Learn Practical and Inspiring Tools for
shifting your inner and outer energy
to create balance and joy in your life
every day - customized just for you

For info or to schedule a free
consultation or private session,

phone Barbara (818-415-3479)