Making Memories & Legacies – Genuine You excerpt

Excerpt from my new Genuine You Ecourse:  Refresh Your Life

Life’s Meaning Comes Through Making Positive Memories ~~ & Remembering Them!

In 2002, I was captivated by an NPR Radio segment in which Bonnie Pitman, Director of the Dallas Museum of Art, talked about the Museum’s100th anniversary.  She was keeping the Museum open for 100 consecutive hours — round the clock — for Dallas locals who couldn’t visit the Museum during normal business hours.  They could drop in for free at any hour and enjoy its beautiful art, furniture and environment.

At 3AM one night during this special anniversary week, Bonnie saw a Grandmother leading 2 little grandkids (under 8 years old) into the Museum.  She followed them to a room where opulent furniture was on display and watched the kids, in pajamas and robes, lay small blankets on the floor outside the ropes protecting a French royal bedroom set.  Then Grandma opened a storybook and read “bedtime stories” to her grandkids.

Before they left the Museum, Bonnie asked Grandma why she’d brought such young kids to the Museum in the middle of the night when they should be home sleeping.  Grandma said she did this to “create a memory for life” — for her and also for her grandkids.

This inspired me to begin watching for opportunities to “make memories” in my life, especially as I was watching my own mother deteriorate from strokes in her final years.  I enjoyed one such “living memory” in 2014 by spending a month in Montana just after my daughter gave birth to twin boys!  (Maybe it’s a Grandma thing?)  I knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and was grateful for the time and freedom to take care of my daughter (cook, clean, run errands, hold babies so she could sleep) so she could get used to being a first-time mom (twins are ten times the work)!


Although I was very busy teaching, writing and coaching, I sensed I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t take this opportunity to make a Big Memory, for me and for my family.  The photos my daughter took of me holding the babies during their first months of life prove I was there even if the twins won’t remember those days.

But the photos and memories are engraved in my mind, along with old photos of the family vacations I took with my parents and brothers when I was young.  Now that my parents are deceased, I cherish those old black&white photos which captured our time together — especially one taken at the Parrot Gardens in Florida where a huge parrot stood on my head!  I don’t remember the moment — but I do have the photo as proof!

So ~ what kind of Memories do you want to create for yourself — and your loved ones — while you can?


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