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The Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss

Message from Barbara:  I primarily offer one-on-one Grief Recovery counseling at this time.

I customize each private counseling program based on the needs of the individual client (including schedule, budget, preferred support style).

Fees for my private programs are determined by number of sessions needed.  Some clients have found that working through The Grief Recovery Handbook on their own and completing their work in 1 or 2 sessions with me has been effective; others prefer the weekly support as I help them work through the material step by step.

Please call me at 818-415-3479 to discuss your particular situation to see which format might work for you.

I am not currently offering a Grief Recovery Outreach Group.  If you prefer to participate in a group format due to your budget or scheduling needs, you can also find other Grief Recovery Group Facilitators who offer groups via

My personal experience with Grief & The Grief Recovery Method:
I’ve personally experienced pet loss as well as the long illnesses and deaths of my aging parents (pix is of me and my mother) and also my in-laws.  I’ve also experienced the deaths of co-workers as well as the end of friendships and business relationships.

Although I’ve never been divorced (I’ve been happily married for 35 years to one husband), I have experienced the feelings, issues and challenges of moving on from a variety of losses and personally benefitted from the Grief Recovery Method process.

In my Life&Soul Coaching and Akashic Records Readings, I’ve counseled many people affected by the loss of their dreams, “identity” or unfulfilled goals as they grow older or things haven’t gone as they expected in life.  This is why I became trained in the Grief Recovery Method in 2011 by Russell Friedman (co-founder of Grief Recovery Institute).

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I’ve been personally trained and certified Russell Friedman, one of the founders of The Grief Recovery Institute®. To ensure my client’s success with the program, I have direct access to him and the other GRI staff as needed.

I’ve facilitated the Grief Recovery Process for counseling clients dealing with divorce or the end of romantic or business relationships as well as pet loss.  In fact, losing a beloved pet can be as challenging and painful as the end of a human relationship.

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