About The Exhilaration Effect


According to Barbara:  In 2010 I began collaborating with Camille Leon (founder and executive director of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce) to develop an empowering coaching program for teaching  the art and science of taking Leaps of Faith.

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We entered our book project — THE EXHILARATION EFFECT:  Building the Courage to Take Your Leap of Faith — in the Next Top Spiritual Author 2010 competition where it ultimately ranked in the Top 25 out of 3000 entries!

The Exhilaration Effect helps people stretch beyond their comfort zones through doing adventurous things, learning life breakthrough concepts and having inspiring experiences.  It’s designed to support you to do more than you’ve ever done and be more than you’ve ever been.

It’s the foundation on which we created our unique and empowering Taking Your Leap of Faith ecourse (now available through DailyOM.com).

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For info on our DailyOM.com Ecourse and other resources:
visit http://ExhilarationEffect.com.