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Generate more balance, blessings and breakthroughs in 2015 through Inner Guide Meditation, a transformative Jungian-inspired Western Meditation process which taps into the power of Archetypal Energies (based on Tarot and Astrological archetypes).

This process was originally created and taught by Edwin Steinbrecher.  Barbara was certified as an Inner Guide Meditation Facilitator in 1999 by Ed and his collaborator-protege Stephen Connors . In 2015 she’s refreshing this 21st Century spiritual tool for herself and others.

check back here for autumn IGM workshops — on hiaitus for the summer due to Tarot Soul-Coaching Summer Camp!

Questions?  Call Barbara at 818-415-3479

Individual Inner Guide Meditation sessions with Barbara are also available in person or by phone/Skype.

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GENUINE YOU – a series of exclusive e-courses for creative & personal growth!  GenuineYouLogo

created/hosted by Lisa Dieken of

Now available ~ through September 2015 

Start at any time ~ access all 10 Genuine You ecourses for one price: $87


The Genuine You ecourses include Barbara’s  exclusive new ecourse REFRESH YOUR LIFE!  Participants will have full access to discussion forums, ecourse materials!

Info & Registration: Click here to visit GenuineYou

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 ~ in Southern California 

In only one weekend:  Learn to access the vibrational dimension of our collective and individual Souls for yourself and others with Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process

Go beyond Akashic Basics and learn how to read the Records of humans and also non-humans (animals, crystals, buildings or plants)… 

Learn advanced Energy Healing, Past Life Healing & Ancestral Clearing tools to “unstick” ongoing life patterns &/or challenging relationships for yourself &/or others…

Deepen your own Soul-connection!

All participants receive Certifications as Akashic Practitioners (Beginning, Advanced &/or Healing Levels depending on trainings completed) from Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies & may review future Akashic Trainings (taught by Barbara in Burbank) at no charge.

Fee:  $250 per one-weekend training  >> Advance registration BY PHONE required

Add’l materials required = “How to Read the Akashic Records” book written by Linda Howe  (available in hardcover or paperback or as Kindle ebook on — please read as much as possible before your training weekend to get familiar with what you will be learning about experientially.  

Questions?  Call Barbara at 818-415-3479.

Not in LA?  Call Barbara to find out how to host her to teach this one-weekend training in your area for you and your group or friends!  By hosting the weekend, you can receive a discount or free space to attend &/or after-training Mentoring Sessions from Barbara as her “thank you” to you!

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Coming again in Spring 2015 ~ especially for Akashic Practitioners ~ or call Barbara for details!

Strengthen your intuitive connections through the archetypal “energy-mirrors” of Voyager Tarot!

What you’ll learn in this course is applicable to every Tarot-structured deck:  How to work with and understand Tarot’s Major Arcana, Minor Arcana (suit or element cards), Family (court) Cards & Tarot Reading basics

~~ plus fun & insightful Tarot Games & how to Create Your Own Spreads!

Akashic Practitioners:  Discover how you can use Voyager Tarot in your Akashic sessions, esp. the Life Theme Spread (great for insights on life purpose & ongoing soul pattern issues).

Full course fee:  $300 ~ Advance registration required

Add’l materials required = Voyager Tarot Deck & “Way of the Great Oracle” guidebook written by Voyager creator James Wanless (book &/or deck available on or

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