Tarot Soul-Coaching & Certification Training



~ work one-on-one with Barbara to expand your life & evolve your soul!

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Explore how the Universal Energy Archetypes of your personal Life Theme (based on your birthdate) are playing out in the phases &/or areas of your daily life!

Learn to navigate and work with them more effectively for your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Receive guidance on current life-issues with support from Tarot’s multi-faceted images and insights.

Combine an Akashic Reading with a Tarot Soul-Coaching session for even more depth, energy shifts and personal support!


Want to learn to use the archetypes of Tarot as “Mirrors for Your Soul” ??


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Strengthen your intuitive connections through working with the archetypal “energy-mirrors” of Voyager Tarot!

 What you’ll learn is applicable to every Tarot-structure deck:  How to work with and understand Tarot’s Major Arcana, Minor Arcana (suit or element cards), Family (court) Cards & Tarot Reading basics ~~ plus fun & insightful Tarot Games! 

*** Required materials = Voyager Tarot Deck & “Way of the Great Oracle” guidebook  by Voyager Tarot creator James Wanless  ~ book &/or deck available on Amazon.com or eBay.com – cost averages $50 total for deck and guidebook.

To register or get more info — call Barbara at 818-415-3479


Hierophant Card - Voyager Tarot (c) James Wanless (2)

After you learn Tarot Basics and beyond, you can continue deepening your connection to Life&Soul Tarot and get certified as a TAROT SOUL COACH

This ongoing Practitioner Program includes additional Tarot Tools for Soul Coaching, Creativity and Dreamwork, plus Ways to Create Your Own Spreads “on the fly” — and much more!

Note to Akashic Practitioners:  In the Practitioner Training Program, you will learn innovative ways to use Voyager Tarot in your Akashic sessions, esp. the Life Theme Spread which Barbara often uses in sessions with clients to explore life purpose & ongoing soul pattern issues.



Advance registration required —  call Barbara at 818-415-3479


According to Marti Browne (certified hypnotherapist & certified Akashic Practitioner) who — along with her hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner husband John — studied Voyager Tarot with Barbara in 2013 and returned for Barbara’s 2015 Tarot Camp 2015 to get certified as a Tarot Soul-Coach:

“John and I are seeing how the cards of the day we are each drawing are for each of us individually.  But we are  also we studying each othe’s cards too and seeing how the two together apply to our lives as a couple with what we are doing and wanting to do together! WOW! HOW CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?!”


REGISTRATION POLICY:  Once made by phone, all registrations are non-cancellable and non-refundable — but training payments may be applied to private Soul-Coaching sessions with Barbara.

Questions? Ready to Register? Call Barbara @ 818-415-3479.