Tarot Soul-Coaching & Energy-Astrology

The vibrational frequencies of Energy-Astrology and the insightful Universal Archetypes of Tarot are empowering tools I often incorporate in my Life&Soul Synergy Coaching.
Star Card / Voyager Tarot (c) James Wanless PhD

To schedule a Life Theme or Whole Self Mandala Tarot Soul-Coaching session with me by phone or in person, call me at 818-415-3479.  

These Soul-Mirror readings can help you connect with (a) the energetic patterns you’re exploring and deepening throughout this lifetime (Life Theme Reading) or (b) the current multi-faceted “mirror” of your Whole Self at this particular point in your life’s journey (Whole Self Mandala).

Both are valuable and fun readings for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new beginnings and New Years.  I also customize Tarot readings to suit my client’s needs and blend them with Akashic Readings where indicated!




Special Tarot Crash-Course “Summer Camp” in Burbank — August 27-28, 2016

In one fun weekend, learn the basics of Tarot as a Soul-Coaching tool for yourself and others!

More info:  Tarot Soul-Coaching


Gain an intimate connection to the multi-faceted and organic Tarot structure — and learn fresh ways to read and create spreads “on the fly”!

Tarot Camp = $300 PLUS required materials (purchased independently – Voyager Tarot Deck and “Way of the Great Oracle” guidebook by Voyager creator James Wanless)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also available — Tarot Soul-Coach Certification Program ~ presented in ongoing 3-month modules  — each module includes one Sunday workshop per month plus one private mentoring session with Barbara during the module period.

This exclusive training and certification includes processes and concepts not available elsewhere.

Pre-requisite — completion of Tarot Summer Crash-Course weekend — see above for info

Each 3-month TSC Module covers one level of certification as a Tarot Soul-Coach – first module runs September through November 2016; second module begins February 2017.

Cost = $450 per 3 month Certification Module

Call for info:  818-415-3479


Also — check out some of my favorite Astrology and Tarot resources:

VoyagerTarot.com – James Wanless, Ph.D. is my tarot teacher & mentor.  His Voyager Tarot is my favorite deck (out of the 80+ that I have!).  Each of the Voyager Tarot cards is a reading in itself — the collage images contain numerous metaphors and messages.  You can pick the same card several days in a row and a different image is likely to “pop out” at you each day with a pertinent message for whatever’s going on in your life or whatever issues you’re seeking clarity about.


James’ “Card a Day” page is my favorite — my card today (as I’m writing this) is STAR (see info below) — about becoming a star in your own sky, shining your light, and making the world a more beautiful and compassionate place!

Click on this image to see James’ Star card reading >>>


new_pronoia_cover_154x200FreeWillAstrology.com – One of my favorite astrologers is Rob Brezsny, author of “Pronoia is the Antedote for Paranoia.  I love that title!  Rob’s weekly astrology newsletter is a literary gem of psycho-spiritual insights and wry humor – don’t miss it!  Sign up for it at his website.





MayaWhite.com – My dear friend and expert astrologer Maya White also writes terrific astro-newsletters with insightful tips on how to weather the Astrological shifts as well as posting monthly horoscopes on her website.  She created Hay House’s Easy Astrology Oracle Cards (available at Amazon or Maya’s website) to help people learn astrology yourself and tune into their sun/moon signs!


MichaelLennox.com — Dr. Michael Lennox is a psychologist, dream interpreter and astrologer.  He sends out a “daily astro-alert” email you can sign up for at his website.  He also has a new YouTube Video I like where he talks about the Cardinal Grand Cross between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus which began this week — starting 8/26/13 — and how it’s activating the square (tension) between Pluto and Uranus (in place from 2012-2015).  Michael says the Cardinal Grand Cross that’s active from 2012  through 2015 (a planetary connection representing the 4 Cardinal signs — Aries, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn — which express a forward-moving rhythm through each of the 4 elements ) –– can trigger an “expansion of abundance consciousness interacting with love consciousness… the heart opening even more…”  He says this type of energy is “dynamic with change… reminiscent of how it was in the 1960s.”  (I was a teenager in the 1960s, and I remember it well!)  Very interesting — Check it out here.