Appreciating Divine Delay (excerpt from “365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul”)

BGR-b:w baby risaToday is my daughter’s birthday — December 4th. I’m posting this excerpt about Divine Delay because, decades ago, her birth was a week later than expected, and that final week of pregnancy was very hard on me.  I looked like I’d swalllowed a beachball, and I was exhausted — more than ready for her to emerge.  A distinctive case of Divine Delay…

But she arrived at last — healthy, feisty and inspiring — and continues to be so even now.  The extra time she needed to “percolate” within me before entering this world shaped who she is — astrologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  And she was worth the wait!

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As technology speeds up our lives, our desires for instant results also escalate. But at the Soul-level, we truly have all the time in the world and there’s no need to rush.

I’ve come to appreciate what I call “Divine Delay.” This phenomenon has common elements apparent mostly in hindsight, though I sometimes become aware of them while they’re occurring.

One is a sense of confusion when my determination to make things happen gets thwarted at every turn. Another is disappointment when people I trust begin letting me down. My frustration also builds to a high boil even when this makes the situation more of a struggle.

But then something occurs to reveal it is actually a good thing what I wanted did not happen — or at least not yet! This releases my tension and I can allow forward movement to flow.

I first began noticing Divine Delay when I needed to value a real estate asset in my mom’s estate. As her executor, I struggled for two whole years to resolve what was in fact a rare situation — until I “accidentally” found a real estate attorney who was familiar with it! In the interim, the asset gained value so it was actually a good thing we hadn’t filed Mom’s estate taxes earlier as they would have needed to be redone.

It’s truly a matter of Soul-perspective. When roadblocks feel like setbacks, they are often just detours. When I listen to my Soul, or at least “go with the flow,” a Divine Delay’s benefits usually get revealed.

Divine Timing often requires Divine Delay. The positive results of my particular delays have demonstrated that even when events are moving s-l-o-w-l-y for no apparent human reason, my Soul’s always working “behind the scenes” to generate results worth waiting for.


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