Feeling blue during the holidays — here’s some uplifting antidotes!

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11 Useful Antidotes For Loneliness, Grief & Being Generally Overwhelmed By Life


Try one or more of these 11 ideas to help you short-circult the overwhelm of Loss, Grief, Loneliness and Stress.  Move more gracefully through the holiday season into a New Year=New You for 2018!!


New Year, New You!

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Do feel like you’re running on empty — or getting closer to it every day?

Is your energy being drained by work obligations, relationship commitments, family demands, health challenges… and just plain living in our crazy-busy world??

Maybe you’ve tried detoxing, balancing your chakras, writing affirmations, feng-shuing your home and releasing inner blocks with various healing tools — yet you’re still physically exhausted &/or emotionally depleted…

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You could use a Life Energy Tune-Up!

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could recharge your Life Energy as easily as a mechanic tunes up your car’s engine? Now you can!

Life&Soul Balance Coach Barbara Schiffman created this energy-boosting ecourse to help you tune up your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul one Life-Element at a time.

This course is not about goal-setting — instead, you’ll easily raise your positive vibrations to generate the mental, emotional and physical energy so you can organically accomplish your goals and fulfill your desires with less effort and stress!

Drawing insights and exercises from my Life& Soul Balance programs and books, this ecourse presents fresh ways to easily, quickly and joyfully plug into the universal frequencies of Nature’s Four Elements — the essential building-blocks of Life — as your personal tune-up kit!

Join me to boost your positive energy and enjoy your whole life!

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