11/5/17 Akashic Records & Your Relationships Workshop – Pasadena

Join Barbara on Sunday 11/5/17 at Church of Truth (Pasadena) for a special workshop:


Evolving Your Soul with “a Little Help from Your Friends”

Learn what the Records are, what they’re not & how their Divine Light frequency provides Soul-support to empower, enliven & enlighten your life & relationships!

Holiday months are often stressful as we spend time with family — our personal “Soul-Mates” (i.e. Soul-level companions) who help us learn and evolve in this lifetime!

In this interactive workshop, explore how your Relationships provide high-octane “fuel” for Soul Growth and Conscious Evolution… Discover how your “Soul Mates” are helping you evolve via your Soul-level Patterns… Experience a special guided meditation (created for this workshop by Barbara) attuned to the Records… 

Where:  Church of Truth, 690 E. Orange Grove Ave, Pasadena CA 91104

When:  Sunday 11/5/17 – 1:30pm-4:00pm **

** NOTE: this is Daylight Savings “fall back” one hour day

Workshop Fee:  $20 Donation Suggested

Download Flyer:  11-5-17 COT Akashic Relationships talk/workshop flyer

More info:  https://www.meetup.com/AkashicLA/events/244467232/

In the meantime — Listen to Barbara’s talk about the Akashic Records & Relationships at New Earth Expo LA (presented 4/6/14  – 30 minutes) — you can listen online or download as MP3:


6/10/17 – Akashic Readings at Center for Spiritual Living – La Crescenta 9CA)

Join Advanced Akashic Records Certified Teacher BARBARA SCHIFFMAN and AkashicLA Advanced Practitioner alumni to get an Akashic mini-reading!

WhereCSL-LC’s 3rd Annual Metaphysical & Artisans Faire

@ Center for Spiritual Living – La Crescenta

>> 4845 Dunsmore Avenue, La Crescenta, CA

When:  6/10/17 Saturday – between 10am-4pm

Readings are $40 for 30 minutes.  Cash or credit cards accepted.

Alumni joining Barbara to do readings include:

Siri Satnam Singh, Christina Ng and Stephanie Harris.

Reading space is limited!  To guarantee yours, call Barbara to pre-schedule/pre-pay.

Barbara will also have copies of her books for sale at special rates!

Details and location info:  https://www.meetup.com/AkashicLA/events/238328863/

Listening to our own Inner Guidance (excerpt from “Your Akashic Records Coloring Journal”)

Your Akashic Records Front Cover number 4When we don’t listen to our inner guidance, we often hesitate and procrastinate or at least
doubt our ideas, actions and choices. Some people feel like victims instead of the
designers of their own lives. Others blame people and circumstances for making life
difficult for them and wonder what they did to deserve being “punished” by life.
But there is nothing any of us could ever do, at the Soul level, to deserve punishment for past deeds, flaws or failures in this life or past lives. Our Soul is always guiding us forward, through the challenges, opportunities and pleasures life offers.
Life is Humanity’s “school” for personal and spiritual Evolution. As author Richard Bach
said, “Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: if you’re alive,
it isn’t.”

The truth is that no one else can live YOUR life! According to our Akashic Records, we choose the basic elements of our individual life-stories so we can explore new things as well as connect more strongly with our Soul’s point of view lifetime by lifetime. It takes multiple lifetimes to fulfill this huge mission, but we and our Souls have all the time in the
world – literally!
Each human is an essential thread in the tapestry of Humanity as we move through time and space. We learn and evolve faster by facing challenges (and also big opportunities!) than when things are easy. Going with the flow of Life recharges our energy, creates synergy and serendipity, and helps us receive Soul-support..

~ Barbara Schiffman

2015 Akashic Certification Trainings ~ new formats

Barbara’s delighted to announce that in 2015 she is able to provide Certifications for Akashic Practitioners at 3 levels via Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies (CAS):

  • Beginning Practitioner (Akashic Access Basics, working with others & non-humans, & much more) next Beginning weekend = 2/28-3/1
  • Advanced Practitioner (Energy Healing, Past Life Healing & Ancestral Clearing) next Advanced weekend = 3/28-29
  • Healing Practitioner (emotional & spiritual healing concepts & processes)next Healing weekend = 4/25-26

Check out the new 2-day weekend formats — and lower cost for Beginning Certification!

Also available >> Double & Triple Certification Discounts + registration bouses!

For full 3 weekend/3-month schedule + more info:  Akashic Records Trainings

Questions or to register:  Call Barbara at 818-415-3479

How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe (SoundsTrue.com)

Barbara & Linda Howe 2010

Barbara & Linda Howe 2010

Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe (SoundsTrue.com)